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A Welcome Back Letter

After an “interesting” couple of years I am really excited to be back at work, with some of new strings to my bow and fresh offerings and thoughts to share.

(See my ‘Relaunch Newsletter’ in full here)

First, thanks so much for all the good wishes and support from so many of you over the last couple of years – it has been most heartwarming, and made a very real difference to me. I’ve felt loved……

And now, it’s back in the saddle!

I’m itching to get back to the speaking work I love, and to further develop my contribution in the dementia and positive ageing space. I’m also available for media and presentation training – work I have done informally over the years, but am now offering more widely. And of course continuing with the work I love speaking and working with others to reframe and reform dementia.

The “interesting” part of the last two years has been cancer…. being diagnosed, receiving treatment, researching and implementing a raft of lifestyle changes, and all the obstacles and learnings along the way. You could say that the ‘bonus gift’ has been that the cancer was successfully treated, and that I can look forward to a healthier future than if I’d never received – or been encouraged to listen to – the ‘wake up call’. I have immense gratitude for all the support and expertise that has come my way throughout, and for what has proven a rewarding ‘time out’ for reflection, inner nurture, and percolation of ideas. Whilst claiming no expertise in the cancer field, the experience has been intense, and will no doubt be reflected in my speaking and writing going forward.

So now I’m renewed, refreshed, looking for work and rearing to go!

At a personal level, all the leisure time has led to a few new discoveries (such as some intriguing new online resources) and rekindled some older pleasures, such as sewing. (Having an adorable little great-niece to indulge being responsible for the latter.) Given this whole “there’s no such thing as ‘private’ anymore, why not just blog/ facebook/ tweet/ pin/ your whole life as if everyone is interested in every little thing you do” culture we’re living in, if I’m not careful I’ll start posting photos of ultracute outfits – but that could be getting a wee bit over the top.

Feeling well again has allowed me to turn new personal focus to my remaining major health challenge: weight loss. Such a tired, tabloid, what-does-it-really-matter-anyhow cliché, I know, but three things nevertheless remain true: firstly, it is actually seriously relevant to wellbeing, health risks and so on; secondly, tackling it’s not proving so easy as I’d hoped! And thirdly, despite the totally understandable causes and whatever ‘positive self-talk’ I try to override it with, the brutal truth is that being fat is rubbish for my self-esteem. But slowly, slowly I’m getting there…

This note is really by way of saying “hello” again, and hoping we can stay connected. I hope to work with some of you again, maybe we will share ideas or explore synergies. I plan on using this blog to further articulate some of my areas of passion and contribution – for example in the realm of positive aging and reinventing what it is to grow older.

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I look forward to sharing the future.

Warm regards


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